Jobs on the surface(表稼業):
画家 Artist

My home / confection / Beautiful Ladies

To go outside home

Live in a house made of sweets, with beautiful women


Profile of ALICE

EU art dealers are talking.
The rumor is that the works of some new artists are fake.
It seems that even auctioneers cannot tell.

I hear the rumor of one painter.
She lives in a big house and rarely leaves the house.
Rumors call rumors.

The merchants selling the art, which were so good that they were indistinguishable from the real thing,
someone started Calling she with respect — “FAERIE FORGER”


Jobs on the surface(表稼業):
テーマパーク支配人 Proprietor

Party Time! / Eating! / Spice! / and …. Tah-dah!

Horrible person

world peace!


Plofile of WASABI

Do you know the ******** theme park ?

It seems that it is crowded with many people every year and sales are increasing.
It seems that they recently opened a third new venue outside the country.
The method peculiar to that theme park is popular with customers. And she directs them, but few people know about it.

What kind of person is she?
Her office is small and has few employees.
It’s a small workplace, like when Phineas Taylor Barnum started the circus.

But don’t be fooled by its appearance.

She is usually very kind and is described as a mood maker.
But that may not be her true appearance.

If she was a genuine CLOWN,
Someone who didn’t notice it could offend her.
I don’t wanna witness the shocking scene if possible.


Jobs on the surface(表稼業):
ロックバンドマン Singer

Flashy thing


Cover the galaxy with my singing voice


Plofile of REINA

She is the most known of the four of them.
She is a member of a band centered around Spain and has performed outdoor concerts in Japan.

It is said that her growth is very advantageous to us.

Business is always aimed at the masses.
What if she became famous and was in charge of the ad?

Perhaps we can do what we want to do, without anyone even noticing it.

She has a name that means “queen” in Spanish.
When she changes from “PRINCESA” to “REINA”, a lot of people will work for “us”.


Jobs on the surface(表稼業):





Plofile of NUM

Have you heard the mysterious rumors of a major supermarket?
There are rumors that “the person will be transferred soon after he starts working, and will repeat it.”
If the company has stores all over the United States, there may be such employees.
The biggest problem is that “no one remembers the person’s identity.”

Part-time employees enjoy the gossip.
“I have never seen that person”
“No, that person was certainly there. I think he was a man.”
“No! That person was a woman.”
“You guys are misunderstanding! At that time, a lot of people were newly assigned to this shop!”

It seems that the rumor is sometimes talked about, but after all it is a rumor. As the days go by, it will be overwritten by the story of yesterday’s car accident and the story of the weekend club event.

But what if this rumor was related to the organization, which may be the point of view?
To be a base for all activities, you can procure what you need in the form of purchases, which is ideal for proving your identity and alibi during the day. If so, it would be too convenient. And major companies have affiliated stores all over the world with the same capital.

If there are as many employees as there are stores, finding that person is as difficult as finding a grain of gold in the desert.
It is not realistic to look for this “NUMBERS –who is called by the symbol–“.

Even if you find “it”, sooner than you notice anything,
You will be banished from this world by someone you do not know.


Jobs on the surface(表稼業):





Plofile of ITUKA

The University of ■■■■ — nicknamed UT — has an adjunct instructor who teaches business administration.
Part-time lecturers in business administration are not uncommon. Why was I ordered to “watch” her?

The campus is so vast that it has a stadium with a 100,000-seat capacity.
Naturally, there are many students, and for various reasons, numerous teachers, staff members, and local residents come and go from inside and outside the campus.

It may be as difficult to find her as it is to locate a particular tree among the myriad of trees that grow there.
But that is of no concern to the students who attend her classes.
If you follow the curriculum to the classroom, she is there.
To find her, I decided to check the curriculum at the Academic Affairs office, as did the students.

One of the students told me about the female instructor.
“What do you know about Her? I heard that she is a very talented M&A consultant. To be honest, our university is not a bad one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she got more headhunts from other schools.”

Another student said, “Her game theory lecture was perfect. More than anyone else I’ve heard! I’ve never had a day when I understood more about non-cooperative games. She was so methodical and humorous that I wished I could have been there forever.”

Suddenly, I notice a student following me.
He had bloodshot eyes, but I felt I had to talk to him somehow. Is it my nature in this kind of work to feel uncomfortable if I don’t do so?
“I couldn’t believe it at first! Our beloved Ms. is such a …… But now I swear I love her! “
What did he see in her?
This man, who has been forever passionately expressing his love for her, but has not said anything concrete as far as I can tell.
After coaxing this strange man out of my sight, I was about to leave the premises when I saw, even from a distance, the person I wanted to see.

Suddenly, I realized that UT’s school colors were hers.
I was horrified to notice. So that is what happened to him ……!

…… “SINCE WHEN?” Had it already started when I walked onto campus?
I mustn’t. I must run away too!