What’s Meeting?

This is an event where you can play “gangster paradise” with Flomage Bullets members!

Not to mention those who already know this game,
People who play this game for the first time can also play by being taught by the members.

Members of Flomage Bullets will take you to “Paradise”.

You can also form a team and fight with the members.
Sometimes hostile, sometimes ally, and spend your best time.

Event record

008th ・27/10/2020
007th ・13/10/2020
006th ・22/9/2020
005th ・13/8/2020
004th ・18/7/2020 
003rd ・20/6/2020
002nd ・22/3/2020
001st ・7/3/2020

All events were held in Japan.